New site!

Hi!  It’s been a painfully long break from posting, but it’s all because I was working on my new site!  Please, pretty please, with a cherry on top, would you follow me over to my new site?  It’s still located at, but you’ll need to subscribe, by clicking on the mailbox icon in the right sidebar, or the RSS feed in the same area if you’d like to continue to get my new posts sent straight to you!

This is the last post that I’ll be making from  All posts created before this have moved to the new site, so don’t worry, every recipe will be there.

I’m very excited about the new site!  Here are some reasons why:

  • I am a cartoon! (I’ve always wanted that)
  • Custom design (it’s very important to have pink, green and purple stripes around)
  • Printable recipe format (now if you want to print something to go cook it, you can easily print just the recipe with no photos). Some posts are done, and all will be converted in the near future.
  • Shockingly Healthy Brownie Shop (my new business, which needed a little home of it’s own)
  • Room to customize even more…I might try to get some sponsors, add a store of stuff I love that I think you’d love to

There’s just a lot more room to be yourself when you self-host your site!  My first post over there is amazing chocolate raspberry pancakes with raspberry syrup!  Now you have a real reason to head over there 🙂

Thank you so much to everyone who’s been reading so far.  You are the reason I do this!  I’d still eat…but it probably wouldn’t be as fun or creative without great people to share it with.


3 thoughts on “New site!

  1. There is no place in either upper corner to sign up for the new site. The place i did click on went to a place where my screen goes black and i cannot send emal. That is not just you, lcannot send any email from that spot. Is there a way I can sign up easily?

    Thank you, e cote

  2. I’d like to join your new post -Cravings Gone Clean.

    I love your new post. It is adorable – The animation looks just like you.

    I am so proud of you!


    Auntie Barb


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