I love food! I like eating it, making it, and experimenting with new recipes…often without measuring (though now I measure as I improvise, so I can share!)

Alas, I do not have a star metabolism.  I’ve grown to think of this as a blessing in disguise, because my natural chemistry has led me to always seek out healthy recipes that taste good too.

I’m always looking for:

  • balanced snacks/meals (meaning healthy carbs, healthy fats, and protein)
  • foods rich in fiber
  • I try to completely avoid refined flour and sugar.  Actually, I try to avoid sugar period, unless it’s in the form of dark chocolate.

I am also pretty active (I recently completed my certification to be a Personal Trainer!), so I am often looking for recipes that are high enough in protein.

Above everything, my goal is to eat things that taste good!  The more I learn, it is also becoming increasingly important to me to be a more mindful eater.  I am going to school to become a Nutritionist this fall, so the science behind my creations will gradually become more concrete.

Lastly, I love the challenge of a recipe makeover, so if you’ve got a guilty pleasure that you’d like to enjoy guilt-free, give me a shout! 


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Just jumped over your blog: Congratulations on all these delicious AND healthy treets. Looking forward to your pumpkin-cheese Cake recipe. Maybe I’m going to make a swiss 🙂 Thanksgiving with it.
    Cheers, Verena

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