Want to say hi?  Have a favorite dessert that you’d like to eat more regularly, and guilt-free?  Any other food (or food and exercise) questions? Give me a shout, I’d love to hear from you!

2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi Lauren,
    This is your Auntie Barb speaking. I love all those pictures. They all look so tempting and delicious. Just curious if you have a recipe for Dark Chocolate Pudding. I sometimes have this chocolate pudding from Loblaws called Belsoy. It is made with Soy Milk. It also comes in Butterscotch and Vanilla. It costed $3.99 which is a bit high for me.
    Is it healthy? See you soon. Love, Auntie Barb *: )

    • Hi Auntie Barb!

      I’d have to look at the nutritional info to give you my opinion. Since it’s made from Soy Milk, chances are it’s got more protein than your average pudding. Watch how much sugar is in it, though. If you bring me the package, I’ll take a look.

      Anyhow, anything you can make is always better than something you buy, especially if you’re not crazy about the price point! I believe a chocolate pudding recipe can be concocted for you in the next few weeks! Thanks for the idea!

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