New Year’s Resolutions: Institute a Cheat Day

We’re halfway through January and I’m still talking about New Year’s resolutions, in terms of what has worked for me for weight loss/maintenance.  We’re working our way through my thoughts, post by post.

When you can’t have something, don’t you want it even more?  I know this is true for many, myself included.  Deprivation diets don’t work because no one stays on them.  They are temporary, which means the weight loss is temporary as well.

If you stick to a good diet 90% of the time, you’re doing pretty well.  I’ve found that when I’ve eaten really clean people like to encourage indulgences.  “You deserve it!“, “You’re so good all the time, this won’t hurt“.  Those thoughts are true.  Except when you hear them all the time.  If you’re a social butterfly with lots to celebrate then you can’t really cheat all the time.  But if you pick one cheat day a week, or maybe just one cheat meal, then it’s a lot more manageable.  I find it’s best to choose your cheat meal or day at a time when you’re less in control of your food, like going to a friend’s house, or out for dinner.  That way you enjoy yourself guilt-free.  Nobody wants to be the picky dinner guest.

When you find healthy versions of your favorite foods, you might find yourself going weeks where you realize you skipped your “cheat day” because you just weren’t craving anything that you couldn’t healthfully incorporate into your regular diet.  I think that’s the best place to be.

And you should eat healthy pies.

Next time: Savory Southern Chipotle Pie.


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