New Year’s Resolutions: DIY your food

I’ve added a recipe index! Take a look at the top menu, it’s growing.  I hope this makes your navigation around here a little easier.  There is also new search function, so if you’re looking for a particular ingredient, or type of diet, there you go!

Now, onto my next tip on how to accomplish new year’s resolutions related to health and weight: Eat what YOU make. Don’t buy prepared foods. DIY (do it yourself) is quite the trend when it comes to household, furniture…lots of things, and yet we seem to have moved away from DIY when it comes to food, the one thing that really needs to be done yourself to have full control, and maximum healthy goodness. 

One thing that keeps me on track is that I don’t buy anything prepared. You are definitely more in control of your health, your body and  your weight if you know exactly what you’re putting in it. After all, there is what seems to be an infinite amount of synonyms for the word “sugar”.  This became very apparent to me when I was on the candida diet, and was going gluten-free and sugar-free.  There was not one cracker I could buy in the store.  It seems like sugar is added to virtually all prepared/packaged goods, and I really just don’t think that’s necessary for your taste buds or your body.

I know you may be thinking that could be a lot of work.  But here is my solution:  let’s say you buy takeout or prepared stuff half the days of the week.  How about you make double batches (or more) on the days that you do have the time to cook.  If you make a quadruple batch of whatever it is, you can have leftovers for a couple of nights, or better yet, freeze your leftovers.  That way, when you get going you can have a great supply of leftovers to go to, and you can enjoy a little more variety. Stock up on freezable containers!

This DIY of your own food gets taken to a whole other level when you think about desserts.  Prepared desserts and junk food really get you into trouble at the store. Do it at home? You can make cake that’s so healthy you should be eating it for breakfast. You can hide spinach in your cake.   If you can get into the habit of only eating dessert that you yourself make, it’ll definitely limit your consumption.  You’ll have to go a little work to make it, and then since you’ve made it yourself, it can actually be HEALTHY. 

Here are a few desserts that are probably healthier than most boxed cereals:

Tomorrow: quiche!

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