10 Days of Holiday Posts!

Good morning!  In Toronto today it’s going up to 12 degrees and raining during the day, but I might snow at night.  How’s that for confusing weather?  There is one thing that may help me get into the holiday spirit: I am writing my last test of 2011 today!  So when I get home, I’ll be sharing the healthiest egg nog EVER with you.  Here’s a little sneak peak:

It’s extremely rich and creamy tasting…but it’s sugar free and packed with protein.

Starting tonight, I’ll have 10 days of shockingly healthy recipes to get you through the holiday season.  This means if you bring them to a party no one will know except you.  Exciting, isn’t it? Guilt free? Definitely.  If you’ve got any holiday favorites that you’d like me to do a recipe makeover for you, better let me know now!  I like a challenge, but I’ve got lots of things planned already 🙂


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