Apple Pie Ice Cream

I have never been as excited about a recipe as I was when I created this.  It was a dramatic “Eureka!” moment.  I thought I had found my calling.  I wanted a drum roll. I had entered the world of homemade ice cream.  Not only homemade ice cream, but GUILT FREE ice cream.  Actually…it even tops that.  It’s guilt-free, but it’s GOOD for you.  It’s a post workout snack.  It will rebuild your muscles.  It’s that powerfully awesome. If you put this on apple pie, it will be apple pie at la mode squared.

It all began when I saw a Vitamix demo (this crazy amazing $500 blender that I do not own) at the Vegetarian Food festival, I learned that to make ice cream, or sorbet…or frozen yogurt, you follow a simple rule: 2 parts frozen, 1 part not frozen.  This led me to the food processor, with ambition of creating my own ice cream.  First I  succeeded with raspberry sorbet:

The sorbet was tasty but it was missing a creaminess. In the photo above, it’s shown with some coffee flavored crepes.  This was breakfast one day!

I still craved something creamier.  I have to say, that because I had never made ice cream before, and this blog is a collection of recipes I’ve made,  you might not actually know of my love for ice cream (unless you know me in person). I feel I must take a moment to address that.

My love for ice cream goes back a long time.  I am a fan of ice creams with flavors in them…pieces of stuff.  Cheesecake, cookie dough, brownie…yum! Never much of a soft serve girl.  Nothing means embracing the weather like a stroll for some ice cream.  I also love gelato.  Really, go to Italy.  It’s worth it for the gelato alone.  I love a good ice cream cake.  They beat a regular cake any time.  I’ve celebrated the end of exams with ice cream…I’ve even been a bit of an emotional eater of ice cream.  It can make a great waffle sandwich (homemade with whole grain waffles!) I survived getting my wisdom teeth out with ice cream.

If I had to choose a favorite food, it would be like Sophie’s Choice between ice cream and breakfast bread pudding.  Maybe I’d just have to say it would be breakfast bread pudding with ice cream on it.  Okay…now that I’ve figured out tomorrow’s breakfast, time to share the recipe.

Apple Pie Ice Cream

Overall, this recipe is pretty quick to throw together…although you do need to freeze the fruit the day before.

The secret ingredient that makes it all creamier is…you guessed it, Greek Yogurt.  Who would like to start a Greek Yogurt based product line with me?  Or would a Greek Yogurt company like to sponsor me to create a cookbook using their product? Just sayin’, I’m open to the possibilities.


  • 2 cups chopped apple, frozen
  • 1/2 cup greek yogurt (no one is surprised this in in here)
  • 1 scoop whey protein powder
  • 1 tbsp cinnamon
  • 1 tbsp vanilla
  • sweetener to taste (I used 5 packs stevia, but you could use agave, honey, stevia, sugar…)

How to:

  1. chop apple, and place it in an airtight container in the freezer overnight (or longer, if you’ve got apples to use up)The next day:
  2. in a bowl, combine all ingredients except apple, stir just a bit (it’s going in the food processor anyways)
  3. in the food processor, combine everything, and mix until it’s smooth.  The food processor also creates a nice texture, as it seems to whip the yogurt, if you let it run a little long.
  4. enjoy!

I found this tasted the best when it was freshly made.  I did freeze some, and it was pretty solid (literally).  I think it’s best to make it fresh, and enjoy it immediately.  That said, if you make a lot, you can freeze it…and take it about about 15 minutes before you want to enjoy it.  I think an ice cream maker might make it more freezable?  I’m not sure about those guys yet, but if anyone has any experience with ice cream makers, please share.


6 thoughts on “Apple Pie Ice Cream

  1. I don’t know Lauren, I’ve tried making high protein ice cream in the ice cream maker in the past, and I got the same result. When I put it in the freezer, it turned solid as a rock. I think it’s because of the high protein / low fat content. I will eventually test this further…

    But for now, I really like this new piece of information that I just learned from you. 2 frozen to 1 fresh… I will keep that in mind.

    I like my ice cream just like you, solid with chunks in it. I tend to eat it rather fast, however, because I don’t care much for melted ice cream. That would be the only thing I hate about ice cream, the fact that it melts way too fast thus preventing you from being able to really take your time and savor every bite…

    This apple pie version looks very yummy. I think I’d add pecans to mine! 😉

  2. Hmm…so what magic does the ice cream maker actually do? I think I’d cook the apples before freezing them next time…and add some oats to it as well…that could be interesting. I like your pecan idea!

    Yes…ice cream melting is the one bad thing. That’s the advantage to having it during the winter…you can really savor it. Haha 🙂

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