Almond Crusted French Toast

Crusting things makes them look and sound fancy.  Almond crusted tilapia…almond crusted french toast…mm. The thing is, it’s really not that hard!

If you want to impress someone, or treat yourself, this will do the trick! Plus almonds are an amazing brain food.  Since this is made with egg whites, and a multigrain baguette, it’s amazing if you are leading a health conscious and fit lifestyle.  And of course…it’s amazing if you enjoy a gourmet breakfast that you can make in 10 minutes. The almonds add a nice crunch to traditional french toast, and the baguette makes the outside nice and chewy.  This is light, yet hearty.

Serves 2.


  • 1/2 multigrain baguette
  • 1/2 cup egg whites (or 2 eggs)
  • splash of milk (I used almond)
  • 1/2 teaspoon almond extract
  • 1/3 cup slivered almonds (raw)

How to:

  1. preheat pan (and spray with oil)
  2. in a bowl combine egg whites, milk and almond extract, and whisk together
  3. slice baguette (I made about 10 small pieces)
  4. dip bread pieces in mixture (I like to keep them all in there, since they’re small, to make sure they absorb as much as possible)
  5. Now is the important part:
    Gently place the slivered almonds on the pan, aiming for the shape of a slice of bread with each grouping of almonds. They don’t have to be the exact shape, and it’s okay if there are some that don’t make it under a piece of bread…but aim for it!
  6. Place the egg’d bread slices on top of the almond groupings.
  7. If you have any extra egg mixture after all bread pieces have been placed, you can pour it onto the pieces of bread on the pan.
  8. Gently flip when ready (2-3 minutes I suppose), cook another 2-3 minutes
  9. Top with syrup…(I use sugar free E.D.Smith), or some jam…or a blueberry fruit compote.

Serve!  Enjoy!

Coming up in my next post is a recipe that I am very excited about.  Apple Pie Ice cream.  Yup.  AND it’s super healthy.  AND I don’t have an ice cream maker.  Here’s a preview:



4 thoughts on “Almond Crusted French Toast

  1. I made you-inspired healthy protein-packed pancakes just the other day and I crusted the top with almonds! I wonder if pressing the soaked slices into a shallow plate of almonds would be another way to get them coated Without having to shape them in the hot pan? The clutz over here would probably burn her fingers. (I.e. Me.) I’ll have to try it and let you know!
    Also, what hearty whole-grain breads that are packed with protein and good stuff do you recommend?

    • Hey Steph! Those pancakes sound awesome! You need that protein with all the awesome and intense physical theatre stuff you’re up to.
      I don’t think the plate of almonds would work…it would work with coconut or something lighter, but I don’t think it would do it with sliced almonds. It’s okay if all the almonds don’t get covered with french toast…you’ll just have some toasted almonds you can pile on top after. So you’re right, don’t touch the pan! Perhaps I should have put that as a warning…haha. Cook safely 🙂

      As far as bread…maybe I’ll put a note in the next post I publish with a photo of my favorite healthy bread. Cool? Cool!

  2. I totally understand what you mean about Greek Yogurt company sponsoring you to do a cookbook. I could write a novel of cottage cheese recipes. I haven’t yet tried frozen apple and cottage cheese blend (I love my frozen banana chunks in cottage cheese) so this is a must try. Cheese+Apple = amazing so thanks for inspiring the idea!

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